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Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

A welded hydraulic cylinder, also known as a welded body cylinder or a welded construction hydraulic cylinder, is a type of hydraulic actuator commonly used in industrial applications. It is characterized by its robust construction and durability.

A welded hydraulic cylinder is a cylinder where the main components, including the barrel and end caps, are welded together. This construction method contributes to the cylinder's strength and stability.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder


Welded Construction: The barrel, end caps, and other major components are welded together, creating a rigid and durable structure. High Pressure Capability: Suitable for applications requiring high-pressure hydraulic systems. Compact Design: Often more compact than tie-rod cylinders, making them advantageous in space-constrained environments. Variety of Mounting Options: Available with various mounting styles, allowing flexibility in integration with different types of machinery. Single Piece Barrel: Unlike tie-rod cylinders, which have multiple pieces for the barrel, welded cylinders have a single-piece barrel.


Material Handling Equipment: Used in forklifts, conveyors, and other machinery for lifting and positioning loads. Construction Machinery: Applied in excavators, loaders, and other construction equipment for various tasks. Agricultural Equipment: Utilized in tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machinery for functions like lifting and tilting. Industrial Presses: Employed in hydraulic presses for metal forming and other manufacturing processes. Mining Equipment: Used in various mining applications for tasks such as drilling and material handling.


Robust Construction: Welded cylinders are known for their durability and resistance to external forces. Compact Design: Offers a space-efficient solution in applications where space is limited. High Pressure Handling: Suitable for high-pressure hydraulic systems. Versatility: Available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different applications.


Repair Challenges: Repairing a welded hydraulic cylinder can be more challenging than repairing tie-rod cylinders due to the welded construction. Cost: Depending on the application and requirements, welded cylinders may be more expensive than other types of cylinders.

Why Choose Welded hydraulic cylinders ?

Welded hydraulic cylinders are favored in applications where strength, durability, and a compact design are essential. Their welded construction makes them robust and well-suited for demanding industrial environments.