Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

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Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder, often referred to as a telescoping cylinder or multistage cylinder, is a type of hydraulic actuator designed to provide an extended range of linear motion in a compact space.

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder consists of multiple nested cylindrical stages, each sliding within the other. This design allows the cylinder to achieve an extended range of motion while maintaining a relatively compact retracted length

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder


Multiple Stages: Comprises two or more nested stages, with each stage capable of extending independently. Compact Design: Retains a shorter retracted length compared to a single-stage cylinder with the same extended stroke length. Variable Stroke Length: Each stage can extend individually, enabling the cylinder to achieve varying stroke lengths based on the number of stages in use. High Force Capability: Capable of handling significant loads, making them suitable for applications requiring both extended reach and substantial force.


Dump Trucks: Used for lifting and tipping the truck bed to unload materials. Aerial Platforms: Deployed in equipment such as cherry pickers or scissor lifts for vertical elevation. Construction Equipment: Applied in cranes and other construction machinery requiring extended reach and lifting capability. Material Handling: Used in conveyor systems, loading docks, and other material handling applications. Garbage Trucks: Utilized for compacting and unloading waste containers.


Extended Reach: Provides a longer stroke length than conventional cylinders while maintaining a compact retracted length. Versatility: Well-suited for applications where space is limited, and a long stroke is required. High Force Output: Capable of delivering significant force, making them suitable for lifting heavy loads.


Complex Design: Telescopic cylinders have a more intricate design compared to standard cylinders, which can affect maintenance and repair. Sealing Challenges: Due to the multiple stages, proper sealing is crucial to prevent leaks and maintain efficiency. Precision Maintenance: Regular maintenance and proper care are essential to ensure smooth operation and prevent wear.

Why Choose Telescopic hydraulic cylinders ?

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are versatile components widely used in various industries where extended reach and compact design are critical requirements. Their design makes them suitable for applications where space constraints are a concern, and a longer stroke length is necessary.