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Clevis Mounted Cylinder

A clevis-mounted hydraulic cylinder is a type of hydraulic cylinder that is attached to the load or equipment it is meant to actuate using a clevis mount. A clevis mount consists of a forked or U-shaped bracket with holes or pins for attachment. This design allows for a secure and flexible connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the external load.

Clevis Mounted Cylinder

Here are some key features and considerations regarding clevis-mounted hydraulic cylinders:

Clevis Mount Design:

The clevis mount typically consists of two arms forming a forked bracket. One arm of the clevis has a pin or hole for connecting to the hydraulic cylinder's rod end, while the other arm is used for connecting to the external load or equipment.

Attachment Points:

Clevis-mounted cylinders have attachment points that provide flexibility in mounting. The design allows for easy connection and disconnection of the cylinder to the load or equipment.


Clevis mounts provide versatility, allowing for a range of mounting angles and positions. This versatility is beneficial when dealing with different applications and installation requirements.

Secure Connection:

The clevis mount provides a secure connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the load. This stability is essential for maintaining alignment and ensuring efficient force transmission during the actuation process.

Ease of Installation:

Clevis mounts are designed to simplify the installation process. The forked bracket design allows for straightforward attachment to both the hydraulic cylinder and the external load.

Position Control:

These cylinders are often equipped with advanced position control systems, such as closed-loop feedback systems. Position sensors and feedback mechanisms enable precise control over the cylinder's movement.

Range of Motion:

The clevis mount design enables a wide range of motion for the hydraulic cylinder. This flexibility is useful in applications where the cylinder needs to move through various angles or positions.

Common Applications:

Clevis-mounted hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in applications such as industrial machinery, construction equipment, agricultural implements, and other systems where controlled linear force is required.

Material and Construction:

Clevis mounts and hydraulic cylinders are typically constructed from materials such as steel for strength and durability. The design and construction ensure that the components can withstand the forces and loads encountered during operation.

Stroke Length:

The stroke length of the clevis-mounted hydraulic cylinder is determined by the length of the piston rod's extension and retraction within the cylinder.


Regular maintenance is important to ensure the proper functioning of clevis-mounted hydraulic cylinders. This includes checking for leaks, inspecting mounting hardware, and lubricating moving parts.

Safety Considerations:

Proper installation and maintenance are critical for the safety of the hydraulic system. This includes using appropriate hardware, ensuring proper alignment, and adhering to load and force specifications.

Why Choose Clevis Mounted Cylinder?

Clevis-mounted hydraulic cylinders are widely used in various industrial and mobile applications due to their versatility and secure connection capabilities. They provide an efficient means of converting hydraulic pressure into linear force while offering flexibility in mounting and operation.