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D End Cylinder

The term "D-end cylinder" is not a standard or widely recognized designation in the context of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. However, it's possible that the term is being used to describe a cylinder with a specific type of mounting arrangement or end cap design.

D End Cylinder

Let's explore a couple of possibilities:

D-shaped End Cap:

It's possible that a "D-end cylinder" refers to a cylinder with a D-shaped end cap. The D-shape could be a design feature that facilitates a specific type of mounting or integration into a machine or system. This could be especially relevant if the mounting surface has constraints that require a specific shape.

Double-Acting Cylinder:

Another interpretation could be that "D-end" is referring to a double-acting cylinder. In a double-acting cylinder, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure can be applied to either side of the piston, allowing for controlled extension and retraction of the rod. The ends of the cylinder are essentially D-shaped when considering the movement of the piston and rod.