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Hydraulic Intensifier Cylinder

A hydraulic intensifier, also known as a hydraulic pressure intensifier or hydraulic booster, is a device used to increase the pressure of a hydraulic fluid. It takes a low-pressure hydraulic input and amplifies it to a higher pressure output. This is achieved by using a combination of pistons and hydraulic pressure.

Hydraulic Intensifier Cylinder

Here's a general overview of how a hydraulic intensifier works:

Working Principle:

The hydraulic intensifier typically consists of two pistons: a low-pressure piston and a high-pressure piston. These pistons are connected in a specific configuration.

Low-Pressure Side:

The low-pressure hydraulic fluid enters the low-pressure side of the intensifier, where the low-pressure piston is located. This piston moves in response to the input pressure.

Amplification Mechanism:

As the low-pressure piston moves, it transmits force to the high-pressure piston. The high-pressure piston has a smaller diameter than the low-pressure piston, creating a mechanical advantage.

Pressure Increase:

Due to the mechanical advantage provided by the difference in piston diameters, the pressure on the high-pressure side is significantly increased compared to the input pressure on the low-pressure side.

Output Pressure:

The amplified or intensified hydraulic fluid exits the high-pressure side at the increased pressure.


Hydraulic intensifiers are commonly used in hydraulic systems where higher pressure is required for specific tasks. They are utilized in various industrial applications, including manufacturing, metal forming, and hydraulic press operations.


Hydraulic intensifiers provide a way to achieve high-pressure hydraulic power without the need for a high-pressure pump. This can be advantageous in situations where a high-pressure pump may be expensive or not practical.


While hydraulic intensifiers offer pressure amplification, they are not as energy-efficient as direct high-pressure pumps. There can be losses due to friction and mechanical inefficiencies.

Why Choose Hydraulic Intensifier Cylinder?

It's important to note that the specific design and configuration of hydraulic intensifiers can vary, and the principles described here provide a general understanding of their operation. If you have a specific hydraulic intensifier cylinder in mind or if there are particular details you're looking for, consulting the product documentation or contacting the manufacturer directly would provide more accurate and detailed information.